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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Nayborizer, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Nayborizer

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    I have ISPConfig and phpMyAdmin. I don't have a domain name purchased. I have a router (not sure if this affects anything).

    The VM server is currently getting a dynamic IP address, which I can successfully access in a web browser only on my computers connected to my router.

    1) How do I setup a static IP address for the VM server so I can access it on any computer?

    2) Do I need to setup extra websites in order to use phpMyAdmin to create MySql databases?

    3) I created a test website with ISPConfig with the same IP as the Server, but then I couldn't access either sites! Going to the address just turned up "Shared IP, consult web administrator". Do I have to buy domain names to setup a website with ISPConfig?
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    You have to buy the static IP address from your Internet service provider. Usually this involves getting a business connection, which may be more expensive.
    Or you could use dynamic dns to get by with the dynamic IP. Even though it is dynamic, it may change once a year only or when you turn off your router for a day or two.
    No. You posted in Linux forum, but if you use ISPConfig client can create database in ISPConfig. If you do use ISPConfig, create database there and not with some other means.
    ISPConfig sets up name based websites, so you can not access them with IP -address. But use this:
    Remember to use in all website settings in IP-address field either * or the IP-address. Do not mix the two!
    If you want to set up your own name service, there is tutorial:

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