HELP - CentOS 5.0 - Perfect Server Set-up

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tomxnet, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. tomxnet

    tomxnet New Member

    HELP - CentOS 5.0 - Perfect Server Set-up

    Firts of all let me say that i am a noob when it pertains to liniux server software. regardless, I am trying to install CentosOS 5.0 32 bit as a server using the instructions " The Perfect Setup" here

    I am finding linux so far very frustrating and to make matters worse the person who has taken the time to write out detailed instructions has left out a few MAJOR steps... I have completed the steps to here
    and am stuck on:
    Next we edit /etc/hosts. Make it look like this:

    vi /etc/hosts

    I have reached the editing part... but how do I save it and continue on????

    hense my frustration..

    Would appreciate some help so i may once and for all say good bye to MS

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is nothing missing in the howto. If you want to install a server, the author can assume that you are able to handle a linux editor.

    There are different tutorials for learning file editing on the shell with vi:
  3. Crazystorm

    Crazystorm New Member

    why a server setup? you planning on hosting something? You should try the live Ubuntu cd to cut your teeth on before jumping off the deep end with a command line only Centos server (which is no desktop replacement I might add since you mentioned you're looking to ditch Windows).
  4. tomxnet

    tomxnet New Member

    Is that what people do when making how-to's for linux? assume..
    Thanks for your advice learn file editing, but unfortunately it still hasn't answered my question. I was looking for a answer to my question not a suggestion..thanks the same.

    I would also like to say.. people ask specific questions for a reason...maybe I was already learning how to use a editor, or ?????? don't take things so personal.. it's anoying how people host forums, yet critisize people for asking a question -(god complex) your just wasting people's time...if your going to waste your time responding...make it right!

    Thanks to all the unresponsive people...
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  5. oakleeman

    oakleeman New Member


    Unfortunately if you are wanting to learn linux that is one of the things that you will have to deal with. I've been working with it for about a year now and getting questions answered at times is like Russian roulette. One time you will get someone that goes above and beyond to answer your question and the next time you will get answers that direct you to one place which redirects you to another place which in turn directs you to a third place. Just have to take it with a grain of salt and move on.

    To answer your question, when you are using vi to edit files you use the following to exit:

    Press ESC key and then press:

    :q - quit (if file is unmodified)
    :wq - quit and write
    :q! - quit if file was modified but you don't wish to save.
  6. Crazystorm

    Crazystorm New Member

    Hey maybe we're trying to help save you time and a lot "frustration" as you put it by providing you the tools to figure things out yourself.

    The use of vi is trivial compaired to what you're setting yourself up for here. A LAMP (the process you're setting up here) is not the best way of learning Linux.

    Live and learn...
  7. tomxnet

    tomxnet New Member


    I think alot of people could make more use from people answering their questions instead of telling them what they should or shouldn't do, thats what I have learned throughout my life.. otherwise it itself creates frustration.......
    although the person may be trying to help.. what they don't realize is that they might be being over helpfull... which as far as I am concerned and I know it's true especially with the computer world worse.
    as well... people who feel you are driving down their path and like them need to do things a certain way to learn isnt always the right way, just theirs and like most people....just want to be a leader in their own mind....

    regardless thanks again oakleeman for the correct answer, and to all others.. it has been 5 hours my computer has been running set-up and thanks to oakleeman...not any of you ... I can continue and save my electricity bill.
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The link i posted above had answered your question already, but if you dont read it, you dont get the answer of course ;) You would have saved your time and our time if you would have read the posted FAQ, we have here FAQ's so that not every text has to be posted again in the forums and a link to the FAQ is posted instead.

    From the FAQ:

    I have not criticized you. Please reread your own post. You criticized the author of the howto for not adding instructions to use the vi editor and I told you that it was not the purpose of the howto to learn vi and pointed you to the correct place where the usage of vi is explained and your question is answered exactly and in detail.
  9. tomxnet

    tomxnet New Member

    "Quote" till = You criticized the author of the howto for not adding instructions to use the vi editor" My point exactly... thanks for prooving it. I am not about to have a forums war, but MY POINT is that instead of just answering a question directly, you stated (In defense of the author of the how to ) (possibly you?)
    that they did not miss anything.. please take the time to look at the how to... if it tells you how to open an editor (not assuming you already know) then it should tell you how to close it and or save... wouldn't you think?? what good are your how to's if they are for people who are experienced.. isn't it good to write them so you bring in more interest and ease of use... rather than to waste someone venturing into your forums time?
    i think you missed my point as I directed some of my second reply to you as well as another individual.

    Remember ... stop assuming .. haven't you been told? it makes a ass out of you and me...
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Take a look here:

    No, the author is me, not Till. :)
  11. tomxnet

    tomxnet New Member

    falko....Suggestion.... Could you put a link to that along with your how to? could save some frustration. Would be good if it was right there when you talk bout vi.

    Just a suggestion, regardless.. I am not sure if you intended the how to to be for a beginner or expert.. but another suggestion, maybe people could state .. " This instruction is meant for advanced or experienced users of linux only" that would also save confusion, so the next person who googles how to set up a server on linux, will see, "The pefect Set=up" ..For Advanced or intermediate users only. Then... if i saw that I would have started with someone else's direction that would have been more suiatable for a beginner like me.

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