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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by memis, May 3, 2008.

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    I have some problems.
    1 - The server appears to be working well, but there are moments that want access to the Web server and do not work, if you do a ping to the web tells you that does not exist, but if you do a ping to the ip if it works .
    If I define the file C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ host
    ip_Server example.com
    ip_Server example.net
    if there operate websites, I wanted to know if I could spend the solution to me is crazy.

    2 - And another question, as set that is mail.example.com and SMTP/POP3 server for authentication is [email protected] Outlook user, and not webx_userX.

    3 - If you change the key of the user's root system, affects the functioning of ISPConfig?

    I await your responses as soon as possible.

    Tengo unos problemas.
    1- El servidor al parecer funciona bien, pero en hay momentos que queres accesar a las web del servidor y no funcionan, si le haces un ping a la web te dice que no existe, pero si le haces un ping a la ip si funciona.
    Si yo defino en el archivo, C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\host
    ip_Server example.com
    ip_Server example.net
    ahi si funcionan las webs, yo queria saber si me podrian pasar la solucion que me tiene como loco.

    2- Y otra pregunta, como configuro que el servidor smtp/pop3 sea mail.example.com y para la autenticacion del Outlook sea [email protected] de usuario, y no webx_userX.

    3- Si cambio la clave del usuario root del sistema, afecta al funcionamiento del ispconfig?

    Espero sus respuestas lo antes posible.
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    Any errors in your logs, especially Apache's error log?

    It's not possible to use email addresses as user names with this setup.

    Do you mean the root password? You can change it without problems. :)
  3. memis

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    OK thans :D
    Post Closed :D

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