hello m8`s. My question is how to reach clients web.

Discussion in 'General' started by uteliux, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. uteliux

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    hello m8`s. I have question, how to reach clients WEB site.
    I created "client","client" created SITE added domain but domain is not redirected yet. He wants to add web site and edit it directly from my server(http://test.tester.com/) ant reach it for example with address "http://test.tester.com/~client1 but we cant view it. How client can reatch his site in server? and sorry for my english thank you all! for your answers!!
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  3. uteliux

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    no.. not this. I configured ISPconfig3 on my test server. I created CLIENT1 and added site for client1. in /var/www/site1 i see "shortcut" but how can i reach this SITE1 with browser?
  4. uteliux

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    ok it worked :) thx !!

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