Hello I do not find the phpmyamdin

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by josexd, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. josexd

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    Good I have a problem with my Apache, which happens is that I find neither the phpmyadmin nor the webmail of my server, and example does not also load server1.miweb.com, if they could help me. Thank you
  2. Quaxth

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    If you like to get help, please provide all relevant informations first incl. OS and version, with or without ISPConfig, what version of ISPConfig, what versions of Webserver and Apps etc., etc.! We're not Fortune Tellers or Prophets.

    Also describe in details what you had done, best with the relevant parts of related Log-Files and Screenshots if any!

  3. josexd

    josexd New Member

    Thanks for responding and sorry but did not know what information to give

    I followed the following tutorial of this community


    Thanks again and I hope I can help in problem
  4. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    I don't know Ubuntu, I use Debian 7.xx Wheezy and all is working well used the Install instruction form this forum

    That said, special if you new to this system('s), it's very easy to mistype something. For that the needed commands are in Code tag's in the instructions. Just copy and paste them to the root your server, may you need to hit once the Enter key after the command('s).

    I really would suggest, special if you have done a new installation which now not works, to do again an new installation completely while formatting the HDD and start from ZERO again. Follow the Instruction of The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 13.04 (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3), or even change to debian because that's the Linux Distro ISPConfig was created with and fully support!!

    After you installed the Server ap to point 7 , install PuTTY first so you could use an Desktop for to do the rest of the installation with ease!

    Not forget to use the Hostname for your server like the server1 in the tuto! That is also needed for to create an SSL Certificate and for to separate the Server from all Domains include your Domain name. If you have 2 Monitors connected to your Desktop, the installation is done very easy and fast, on Mon1 you have the PuTTY running showing your Server Terminal and on Mon2 you run the Instruction. Such setup simplifies the installation a lot.

    And again, follow the instruction word by word. Don't forget, there a very few thing in the commands which you must change to your actual and own settings which the writer couldn't know!!

    I need about 30min for a complete installation of Debian with IPConfig 3 and all will just working. Any problem, just post. The ISPConfig staff in mainly online Monday to Friday German daytime. I'm online mainly every day from app. 10am till Mignight Thailand time (GMT/UTC + 7h)

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