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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mzilla, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I have read and followed the loadbalancing tutorial at http://www.howtoforge.com/high_availability_loadbalanced_apache_cluster_p3 . When I was setting up my load balanced cluster in my home configuration everything worked just fine. Last week I moved everything to a hosting company and changed some IP's. I changed configuration accordingly but I can't get things to work properly.

    It looks like Heartbeat and ipfail itself are functioning normally. I can access the webserver cluster through the virutal IP and I get responses from different hosts. Everything looks fine. Only problem, the webserver nodes can't reach the internet when lo:0 is up. The ip configuration is like this:

    When I run ifdown lo:0 , I can reach the internet and the internet can reach my server. When I do ifup lo:0 again I can reach the internet for about five more minutes before the server goes away and I can't reach it anymore.

    I have no clue in which direction to look for a solution. Thanks for your help in advance!
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    To help you better understand the problem, this is the routing table before and after I perform ifup lo:0

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    The most funny thing of all is that for the first five minutes everything works fine and then suddenly almost all at once the hosts go down. When I look in the log's I can't find anything that could be the cause of it.
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    Okay, I seem to have solved the problem, at least so I hope. It seems to have to do with the subnetmask of the lo:0 adapter. I had set it to the correct subnetmask for the IP adress of the card. This is not correct, the subnetmask of lo:0 should always be . I am not yet 100% sure this solved it but it looks good!

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