haresources and vmware failover

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    Hello everyone. I have successfully configured 2 ubuntu 6.06 servers to fail over vmware systems running on drbd. I do however need to delay the startup of each vmware server so that they do not all start at the same time. The current config line in haresources is:

    vm1 drbddisk::r0 Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/var/lib/vmware/drvmachines::ext3 server1 server2 server3 server4

    Does anyone know how to place a delay in between the startup of server1 and server2 and server3 etc?

    I have found the Delay script. I however have not yet been able to get this to work as expected. I placed the Delay script between the servers like so:

    server1 Delay::120::0 server2 Delay::120::0 etc.

    Anyone? please?
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