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Discussion in 'General' started by gregh, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. gregh

    gregh New Member

    I just trying to get an idea for hardware requirements Memory\CPU etc using Centos 5 and ISPCONFIG running about 30 static sites 10-20 email accounts on each. Would 256 Megs run this. Thanks Greg
  2. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    I got a similar config.. except about 80 static sites with 5-7 accounts each (all with spam filtering and clamav running). 256mbs will get you by, but I'd recommend at least 512.

    With RAM prices nowadays, more RAM shouldn't cost you much.
  3. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    larwilliams, what kind of hardware are you using? I am wondering if my system is overkill or not, and besides the fact that a majority of the sites I host are dynamic, how do you get by with 256MB??? :eek:
  4. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    It's only running about 60 static sites with about 20 dynamic (PHP/MySQL usage). It's a Pentium 4 1.6Ghz 60GB hard drive and 256MB RAM. Most of the sites are low traffic (1000 hits daily), so it's not much problem.

    It's not technically my server. I merely host it for a client. I am building one shortly that is going to have 500GB of space with 2GB of RAM :)
  5. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Also, I don't use CentOS, but rather a Debian Etch system that is highly optimized (clamav being run as a daemon, Zend Optimizer installed, ReiserFS tweaked).
  6. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    oh ok... because i know from time to time my server consumes about 3-600 mb's of ram.

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