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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lwh.dk, Dec 8, 2007.

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    I'm trying to connect from my ubuntu laptop to a debian server with heartbeat-2 installed.

    when I connect to the server the follow is writen to the syslog on the server.
    Dec 8 22:41:47 DebianNodeA mgmtd: [2481]: ERROR: on_listen receive login msg failed
    I just get a small messagebox on my laptop with a OK button, but no login.

    the installation I have done is sofare.
    apt-get install heartbeat-2
    create a authkey and a basic ha.cf config file
    I have added the hacluster user to the haclient group and created a new password for the hacluster user to enable me to use it for login on the cluster node.

    my ha.cf loks like this (found on the linuxha homepage):

    logfacility daemon
    keepalive 1
    deadtime 10
    warntime 5
    initdead 120
    udpport 694
    bcast eth0
    auto_failback off
    node DebianNodeA
    node DebianNodeB
    use_logd yes
    compression bz2
    compression_threshold 2
    crm yes
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    Could it be possible that your server requires the use of a ssh key to login? To the best of my knowledge hb_gui requires that you can login via username/password. Just an idea.

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