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  1. andrewm659

    andrewm659 New Member

    I would like to see someone setup Graylog2 on a CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu with the web interface. There a bunch of them out there, but the init script sucks and they seem to leave out the java portions. None seem to work right and the people writing the howto aren't responding to questions.
  2. MaddinXx

    MaddinXx Member

    I will most likely create one with:

    - Debian Squeeze or Wheezy server/interface
    - Debian Squeeze/CentOS clients

    just give me some time :)
  3. andrewm659

    andrewm659 New Member

    If you have time after that, one with CentOS 5/6 would be awesome. If I can help with it in anyway let me know. I'm currently working on it and getting little help from people in #graylog2 on freenode. I think I have the server portion running, but I can't really tell since it runs using java...there is no process for the service. I can't find the pid. When I try to start the web interface I get java errors and i'm not sure what they mean.

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