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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bschultz, Aug 9, 2011.

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    I work at a radio station. We currently use the program Teamspeak3 (similar to Skype, but made for video game players) to broadcast on location. We have been using Windows desktop machines, but I'd like to switch these over to server hardware (for redundant power, multiple NIC etc) running Linux.

    We have an older server (used about seven years ago) that I've been trying to load Debian with a desktop environment of some sort...but the video card is an ATI from 1995. I can't get it to work with GNome and KDE...without success. The error is always FAILED TO START X SERVER...or a blank screen instead of the login screen.

    I've also tried to install Ubuntu (graphical installer worked...but grey screen when booting from the hard drive after install) and also Fedora.

    Neither worked.

    On the two newer servers we had laying around the office, I got this to work running Debian and Gnome right "out of the box". The thing I like about Gnome (not sure if others have this too) is the Remote Desktop feature for built in VNC access.

    Can someone please recommend a "slim" Linux distro with a graphical interface that will work on a VERY old ATI card?

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    Not sure, but did you try CentOS?

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