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    ubuntu i need some help and advice please> just purchased a new 22 monitor, got problems with graphic drivers > running ubuntu> my graphic card is a radeon 9800, i have d/loaded driver for windows > so i can run at 1680 1050 this workes fine> when i i d/loaded the linux driver , when running ubuntu tried to run > and install got this response
    could not open file gedit has not been able to detect the character > coding,please check that you are not trying to open binary > a character coding from the menu and try again.> character coding current locale (uft-8)> how do i get this to work
    this is a d/load and install,so when it d/loaded that was the message that came on the screen, am i not doing things corrector should there be some type of code to be written in the terminal

    regards richard
    ps monitor is a 22" hanns.g hg216d
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    Are you trying to use gedit on the desktop or in a terminal? If you are in a terminal, please use a command line editor such as vi.

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