Got a weird issue but i dont know if its apache or vsftp

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by paulley, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I have a weird issue and i cant work out if its apache or vsftp right here goes. I have had a few webhosts in the past and the current one i have is no expection, but all the webhosts i have had when uploading perl scripts only require you to to chmod 755 and they run. I have vsftp and i setup 2 vhosts and 2 cgi-bin folder for each vhost but when uploading the perl script "internal error" appears which i have been though the common issues with the internal errors and premature end of script headers. To get the script to run i need to run the dos2unix command and then it runs fine, in the mean time it sets the owner permission to 0 so i cant edit the file till i have messed about with the permission so i can edit it.

    Does anyone know is there something im doing wrong or is it something to do vsftp as i said before the webhost i have now and the ones i have had before dont require you to drop into the command line and run dos2unix and plus the perl script i created in windows was used on both the webhost ( which is fine ) and my ftp (which needs the dos2unix command run )

    Any replies will be great

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    Not sure what the problem is, but did you compare your vsftpd configuration files?

    Anyway, I'd use a text editor on Windows that allows you to save files in Unix format.

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