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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by paulley, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. paulley

    paulley New Member

    hi all

    i have got this email account on my server and its setup like this : salesuser

    but theres a alias in postfix called sales that goes to postmaster then goes to root and for some reason its messing up the email, anything going to goes to root not salesuser which it is set has. But once i change the alias from postmaster to the salesuser then it works. I have tried deleting the alias but its seem like its fixed to that account and after deleting the alias the email fail to send from hotmail. Then i put the alias back in again and set to root , email for goes to root then i change the alias to salesuser and it starts woking any idea why this is happening

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  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Delete all salesuser entries from /etc/aliases, run
    and restart Postfix.
  3. paulley

    paulley New Member

    i have deleted the salesuser unix account and deleted the entry in the /etc/aliases and run newaliases and restart postfix. Then i have put the created the salesuser unix account again and put the entry salesuser and postmap it and restarted postfix but its coming back a message from hotmail saying delivery to has failed like it was before but as soon has i create the alias sales > salesuser it works fine. also when looking in the other email unix accounts theres a non proper message saying dont detele but there aint one in the salesuser unix account?

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  4. platd

    platd New Member

    I think you need to read some documentation and figure out exactly what you are trying to do.
    Then if you still have problems give the people here a clear description of what you want
  5. paulley

    paulley New Member

    i want it back has before eg:

    virtusertable salesuser

    and so it doesnt keep on relaying on the alias to send the mail to the account in the virtusertable which it show do!

    , since the alias come into it , its been messing about the email account. But why it is when you create a unix account for the first time it creates the non proper message say dont detele it this is a message from the mail system etc then when you detele the unix account and then create it again the message aint there. I guess thats why it aint send to that account becuase it has not got the non proper message.

    Also the documentation does not say about this problem i am having, because i have looked!!!
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  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Please post your /etc/aliases here.
  7. paulley

    paulley New Member

    # Aliases in this file will NOT be expanded in the header from
    # Mail, but WILL be visible over networks or from /bin/mail.
    # >>>>>>>>>> The program "newaliases" must be run after
    # >> NOTE >> this file is updated for any changes to
    # >>>>>>>>>> show through to sendmail.

    # Basic system aliases -- these MUST be present.
    mailer-daemon: postmaster
    postmaster: root

    # General redirections for pseudo accounts.
    bin: root
    daemon: root
    adm: root
    lp: root
    sync: root
    shutdown: root
    halt: root
    mail: root
    news: root
    uucp: root
    operator: root
    games: root
    gopher: root
    ftp: root
    nobody: root
    radiusd: root
    nut: root
    dbus: root
    vcsa: root
    canna: root
    wnn: root
    rpm: root
    nscd: root
    pcap: root
    apache: root
    webalizer: root
    dovecot: root
    fax: root
    quagga: root
    radvd: root
    pvm: root
    amanda: root
    privoxy: root
    ident: root
    named: root
    xfs: root
    gdm: root
    mailnull: root
    postgres: root
    sshd: root
    smmsp: root
    postfix: root
    netdump: root
    ldap: root
    squid: root
    ntp: root
    mysql: root
    desktop: root
    rpcuser: root
    rpc: root
    nfsnobody: root

    ingres: root
    system: root
    toor: root
    manager: root
    dumper: root
    abuse: root

    newsadm: news
    newsadmin: news
    usenet: news
    ftpadm: ftp
    ftpadmin: ftp
    ftp-adm: ftp
    ftp-admin: ftp
    www: webmaster
    webmaster: root
    noc: root
    security: root
    hostmaster: root
    info: postmaster
    marketing: postmaster
    support: postmaster

    # trap decode to catch security attacks
    decode: root

    # Person who should get root's mail
    #root: marc
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I don't see salesuser in there... :confused:
    What's the output of
    grep salesuser /etc/passwd

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