Gnome display loss after switching input

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by MustQ, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I have myself an intel NUC with Mint Cinnamon (Gnome) running as a home theater computer. This machine is connected by HDMI to a home stereo system that has a built in HDMI switcher (there is only 1 HDMI input on my TV but I have 4 HDMI devices).

    I am finding that everything works beautifully if I booth the PC on the correct input (4th input) and do not change inputs on the stereo to another device.

    If I change inputs to another device and come back, I will get a snowy display (like back in the days of a channel being unavailable).

    My solution thus far has been to VNC to that PC from another PC, change the resolution down and then change it back. Then it works. But this sucks and absolutely requires a keyboard/mouse and VNC which isn't cool for a HTPC.

    Help me HowTO forge, you're my only hope! :)

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    Is this kind of application is going to support on android devices?

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