GlusterFS on CentOS 5

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    I followed the how to: Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage Server With GlusterFS On CentOS 5.4 - and all is well I just dont seem to understand how to save to the mounted filesystem from the client.

    In other words how do I access that file system I dont see another drive on the client to let me know I can save there.

    When I df -h it says it's mount and it tells me the size I just don't see a drive letter or anything.

    I'm new to network storage so any help would be appreciated.
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    Seems to me it's not only network storage you're new at ;-)

    On linux there is no "drive letter", but mount points .. your glusterfs should be mounted (attached) to a directory on your system so you can access it on that system. (the how-to said: /mnt/glusterfs as an example) From that point on, if you want to access it on a windows machine, you need to install something like samba and export that mount point in samba.
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    Thanks for the reminder ;) and yes I am very new to Linux if it was not for this website it might have evaded me for a very long time. One of the many reasons I feel compelled to be a continued subscriber of this website. I know this knowledge is not free and I applaud all of you for your outstanding work and tireless efforts. I only wish I could do more myself.

    On to my issue at hand. I would like to access this mount point from another centos server that I set up as the client per the directions. Again it says it's mounted. My question is since its mounted how do I actually save to it and get data off of it.

    If I wanted to cd to that mount point what would my command be:

    cd /mnt/glusterfs ?

    Again I don't want to apologize for being new I'm trying my best to read these tutorials and learn it's just that some of this stuff is really hard to grasp when your new ;(

    Thank you once again for your help and just know I really do appreciate it very much.
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  4. cvgeeks

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    OK! That command infact worked :D Thank you very much thats why I come to this website it's the best!

    I just want to say again for anyone out there who is new to linux this is definately the place to be. You will learn so much here so fast it's amazing.
    Some day I too will contribute more when I have learned enough.

    Thank you once again for all your hard work and all of your help teaching other people howtoforge. :D
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    Hehe, thank you for the kind words, tbh. you don't see these kind of thank you's much. Most times i can just see by the things someone post's that person has absolutely no clue of what they are doing, and just want you to tell them what they need to type in their console, hell .. if i replied to them: mv /etc /dev/null they would do it w/o asking questions, and most of the time, as soon as they have their answer, they stop replying .. Thanks for the kind words, it's nice to know i'm (we) are doing it for something ;)

    And just keep on working with linux, after some time you don't want anything else .. Man back in the days i've reinstalled my server like 100+ times, .. install, play around, break it, reinstall, try again and learn from your mistakes .. these forums can help you a lot with that.
    As long as i can see that someone is putting effort in it themselfs i'm (we're) more then glad to help them as much as possible.

    So let's see, about your situation. Are you able to access the glusterfs server on your client now?
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  6. cvgeeks

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    Yes, I can access it now and it's all working great thank you again so much for your help.

    I have worked with Windows since the early days and have more certifications than I can put on my wall. I also own a chain of computer/server repair shops in central California and have been helping people for over 20 years however none of this has helped me to learn Linux. I'm just now getting used to the consol style and staying out of the GUI and that alone is a big change for me as I'm sure it is for others.

    I've learned of the power of Linux its security and open architecture which is amazing. The down side to it all is learning all over again. It's easy to get down on your-self for knowing computers and servers so well and when I deal with Linux I feel about 1" tall. But I know I must keep up the hard work, not get down on myself and strive to learn it as it is like I said very powerful and as I'm learning here there are just endless possibilities with Linux. I just can't believe all the things that you can do it can be overwhelming at times.

    Again I applaud the work that is being done here this is just so valuable and I just can't believe the willingness you have to give away such valuable information as this. It is just astounding this type of community spirit that keeps the momentum moving forward each day. I would love to participate more as I am very good with documenting installations, setups and configurations. I'm very detail oriented and have created documentation for various data centers to train the techs on how to install and secure Windows Servers for IIS web hosting more importantly securing the file system. I have created my own how to guides while learning from the ones here and adding my own information as needed. One day I will gladly contribute as I see there are many others just like me who can't figure things out simply because some of the very basic things evade them. Funny thing is I took a UNIX class when I was in college and was top of my class and now I can't bring any of that good stuff out so I can put it to use. Go figure ;)

    Hey Have a great day thanks again and keep up the great work you guys do here.

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