Glusterfs & Mysql

Discussion in 'Technical' started by YbeddyJ, May 13, 2010.

  1. YbeddyJ

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    Give me your thoughts on the following

    i want to setup a master-master glusterfs system
    two ubuntu servers

    i'm thinking of hosting /var on the gluster fs so that everything in /var gets replicated.
    if /var isnt a good idea then i would at least want to mount all the directories used by ispconfig and mysql and their dependent services such that i always have a good backup/failover.

    my main aim is to ensure that if one server fails then the other is there to pickup th slack, i only have two servers, and i intend them to be ns1 and ns2.
    in my current setup i have mysql master-slave repliation setup however after some time the slave stop replicating citing a duplicate problem in the monitor data db this i could prevent from replicate but i want to have that data readily available for auditing if the masters fails.
    i also want to make sure all(well all data relating to ispconfig&client) client websites gets replicated including client username, passwords, home etc.

    currently i dont mind trashing ns2 to do the setup but i will need a good clean method to move data from current ns1 to gfs setup
  2. falko

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    I think /var is a good choice. :)

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