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Discussion in 'General' started by admins, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. admins

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    Hi all

    Has debian lenny (5.0) a package for glusterfs?
    I dont want to install the package manually, its bad for upgrading it.

    Wich howto do you prefer for setting up a clusterfs server?

  2. admins

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    The glusterfs server does not start, in the log is following:

    [2010-07-26 12:56:03] W [xlator.c:661:validate_xlator_volume_options] viper-1: option 'transport.remote-port' is deprecated, preferred is 'remote-port', continuing $
    [2010-07-26 12:56:03] W [xlator.c:661:validate_xlator_volume_options] shark-1: option 'transport.remote-port' is deprecated, preferred is 'remote-port', continuing $
    [2010-07-26 12:56:03] E [glusterfsd.c:673:glusterfs_graph_init] glusterfs: no valid translator loaded at the top or no mount point given. exiting
    [2010-07-26 12:56:03] E [glusterfsd.c:1395:main] glusterfs: translator initialization failed.  exiting
    How could I fix it?
  3. till

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    There is a config error in the glusterfs configuration file. Please compare your file with the one from the tutorial that you used to install the server.

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