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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by erosbk, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I think that a global space limit per user should be something ispconfig must have. Right now, I offer (for example) 1GB of hosting, but I am assigning 500MB to site and 500MB to mail... if the user wants to use 800MB for site and just 200MB for mail, well, I have to modify values for the client.

    In my case, if a "global space limit" exists, I just could set it to 1GB, and same value for site/mail, and the user will never use more than 1GB, and he will have the freedom he wants with his space.

    Is it possible to implement this?
  2. till

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    I guess this can not be implemented as mail quota is a virtual quota enforced by the lda /dovecot or courier) while website quota is a Linux filesystem quota for the Linux user that owns the website and you can not set both systems to compare their value to have a global quota. For ultiserver systems which use splitted mail and web servers this would be even mor compliacted as the quota would have to be compared over the network.
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    Till, maybe I am not explaining this well enough, I will try again.

    I think that an ISPConfig limit could be implemented. Right now, If I as admin set that a user can assign to site a max space limit of 500 mb, the user can't assign more than that.

    What I propose to implement is this:

    For example:
    A user has a global limit of 500, and the user can set a max 500mb for site and 500mb for mailbox; so if the user allows 490 MBto site it will be set in linux fs, and next if the user try to create a mailbox of 20 MB, ISPConfig will stop the operation because 490+20=510 > 500 of max global limit; so, the user can't create the mailbox. The mailbox will be created only if it is set to 10 MB of space.

    What I say, is that space must be manage by ispconfig before applying changes, it will not touch fs or courier/dovecot if the space assigned is more than max overall space limit.

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