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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by marcus33cz, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Hi all :)

    I recently installed ISPconfig on my new VPS. One thing confuses me when I compare this with my previous hosting (a regular webhosting).

    I can't find something like a "global FTP connection" - a connection that would allow you to edit ANY site.

    My directory structure looks like this:
    Is it possible to create a connection you can use to edit contents of any of web1/web2/web3?

    I created a FTP user that has /var/www/clients/client0/ as a root directory - but I can still edit only the subfolder it's connected to.
    I can view edit ONLY web1, I see the web2, web3 structure but there are no files and I can't upload anything there :-(

    By the way, I don't really like the naming. :) Is it possible to get rid of web1, web2, web3... and rename it to e.g.,,
  2. marcus33cz

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    Hi all, I guess I solved the problem (sort of :))

    So in case you need something like a "global FTP" for you VPS probably the best thing you can do is to use SCP connection using a program like WinSCP (it's very similar to FTP).

    You need to log in as a root user (this was sent to be by the provider and I guess you can't add root in ISPconfig but again I may be wrong).

    I hope this helps some other people
  3. till

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    No, as this would cause your sites to fail as soon as you change a domain name. The system adds symlinks for esay shall navigation so that you can access all sites by domain name like:

    cd /var/www/www.domain.tld/

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