Glitch with my SpamSnake!!!

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Tyiell, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Tyiell

    Tyiell New Member

    Hi there,

    Having faithfully followed Rocky's guide to creating the perfect spamsnake on Ubuntu, I have got the whole thing up and running. A surprise in itself...!!!

    The only issue I am having is that in his guide, Rocky sets the Spam Actions in MailScanner.conf to deliver with

    Spam Actions = deliver
    I dont fancy this, I'd rather it quarantined it - so I set it as follows:

    Spam Actions = store-spam
    Turns out that it doesnt seem to listen to this setting at all - since the sstem went live, all spam (and high-spam) have been deleted (or I assume they have, since no records exist of them and they haven't delivered anywhere!) except one - which was delivered with the ***SPAM*** message in the subject.

    Anyone have any ideas why MailScanner would ignore the store-spam setting? I've tried a couple of the others, and even set it back to deliver as suggested in the guide, it doesn't seem to make any difference what I put in that field!!!

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Tyiell

    Tyiell New Member

    Ah - actually looking at ti now I have had a message go into the quarantine - it is flagged as "Ban Content". Perhaps I have misunderstood the meaning of this setting?

    Is there a way to make the Spam messages (sa score of 6+) go to the same quarantine file as the Bad Content messages, and just delete the High Spam messages (sa Score 10+)??

    Many thanks!!!
  3. Tyiell

    Tyiell New Member

    Hmm, ok it seems to work perfectly now - maybe it just needed a weekend to think about it :)

    Sorry for the pointless post :eek:
  4. Rocky

    Rocky Member


    It's 'store' not store-spam. You can set it up like this:
    Spam Actions: deliver store (Will deliver and store)
    High Scoring Spam Actions: store delete (Will store and delete)
    Non Spam Actions: deliver store (Will deliver and store)

  5. Tyiell

    Tyiell New Member


    Yeah it's working a treat now!! Thanks, that guide of yours was just what I needed (and it worked fine except for occasional user error/misinterpretation on my part!!!!)

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