Giving access to ad users on Linux Samba Shares

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    Well, I was reading this post about "Ubuntu 9.04 Samba Server Integrated With Active Directory"

    So, I´m facing this situation:

    I have a Ubuntu 8.04 (server kind), running samba, as a PDC and a file server too. The pc clients are all Windows XP/Vista and some 7.

    The users sharing folder/files through the ubuntu server.

    Few weeks ago, we get a new PDC server, this time with a Windows 2008 Server.

    The ubuntu server will be just a fle server.

    I´ve already created the ad user accounts .

    So, I need to make the ad users access the shares on the ubuntu file server.


    Based on this, that howtos could help me?

    Thanks any help!

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