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    Howdy all,

    Now that my server is up and running I have concerns about hard drive failure or if I make a change and it screws something up system wide! Raid 5 is out as the expense is not justifiable at this time and Raid 1 only helps in the event of a hard drive failure.

    Many of the backup options seem to be extremely compilcated or only backup a small section or files. I have had lots of experience with Norton Ghost but it appears as if that is only for Window machines...Yet in my search for a similar Linux program I found Ghost 4 Linux.

    I wonder if anyone here as had any experience with this software as I just can't seem to make it work...I keep getting IRQ errors and I'm told to use "irqpolling" whatever that is!

    I have always received excellent solutions to my Linux and server problems, which is why I'm asking here first. I do plan on trying to contact the programmers in the hopes of a solution with them.

    Thanks in advance as always,

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    Help to restore backup of hard disk with "ghost for linux"

    I'm new in linux, I hope that somebody can help me with the problem that I have.

    I've made a backup of the hard disk (80GB SATA) of my server (fedora Core 6, Intel XEON at 3GHz), following as reference the article: “Back Up/Restore Hard Drives And Partitions With Ghost4Linux”. I used a FTP server for windows xp called: “Quick'n Easy Ftp server”. The result of the backup of the hard disk was successful (in fact the backup I twice did it in different equipment with the same number of bytes) , the detail is at the time of recovering the backup, because when initiating the restoration, g4l shows me the following:

           0.00% Starting
           ncftpstatus OK
    [                                0%                                      ]
    Lzop: <stdin>: not a Lzop file 0%
    And I'm sure that my file was made it with compression type Lzop. After that, g4l shows me:

           OK Remote host has closed the connection

    The log file of the FTP server shows the following:
    08:38:42.187 [508] Client connected from
    08:38:42.187 [508] 220 Welcome to Quick 'n Easy FTP Server
    08:38:42.187 [508] USER anonymous
    08:38:42.187 [508] 331 Password required for anonymous
    08:38:42.187 [508] PASS [email protected]
    08:38:42.187 [508] 230 User successfully logged in.
    08:38:42.187 [508] PWD
    08:38:42.187 [508] 257 "/" is current directory.
    08:38:42.187 [508] FEAT
    08:38:42.187 [508] 502 Command not implemented - Try HELP.
    08:38:42.187 [508] CLNT NcFTPGet 3.2.0 linux-x86-glibc2.3
    08:38:42.187 [508] 502 Command not implemented - Try HELP.
    08:38:42.187 [508] TYPE I
    08:38:42.187 [508] 200 Type set to I
    08:38:42.187 [508] PASV
    08:38:42.187 [508] 227 Entering Passive Mode (159,16,223,149,4,0).
    08:38:42.187 [508] RETR img/image.img.gz
    08:38:42.203 [508] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file transfer.
    08:38:42.296 [508] An exception occurred while processing command: RETR img/image.img.gz
    08:38:42.312 [508] Could not send reply, disconnected.
    08:38:42.312 [508] Client disconnected from
    By the way, I try to recover the backup to partition SDA1 of 90GB of a hard disk of 320GB (SDA).

    What I do not know is if I must give format previously to the partition (and if it is, thus, in which file format?) or if the restoration of the backup must become to a hard disc of same size.

  4. falko

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    Your FTP server doesn't seem to support all FTP commands. Try another one.
  5. FMccloud

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    Thanks, now I have another problem

    Thanks for your answer Falko.

    I used FILEZILLA Server, and that worked well. I recovered the backup that I did. Now the problem is that when initiating with the new hard disk, the screen shows:

    GRUB _
    And I can't do nothing, because it does not respond the keyboard. have I to format the hard disk before recovering the backup and if, thus in which format?

    Thanks! :)
  6. falko

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    Hm... You could try to boot from a Live CD such as Knoppix, then mount the hard disk, chroot to it, and try to repair GRUB with the commands update-grub or grub-install.
  7. FMccloud

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    G4L works!

    Hi everybody:

    Again, thanks for your answer Falko. I tried to look for another solution before applying your advice, since I don't know much about linux.

    What I did was to format the hard disk, in format ext3 as primary type and I recovered the backup that I already had done and that worked.

    Falko, In truth I thank for much your aid.
    :) !

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