Getting 'UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL' using Squirrelmail

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    Followed the 'Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL And SquirrelMail (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)' which now seem to be working almost as expected. There are a few things to overcome. My goal is to be able to access the mailserver using a webclient (I use Firefox) or a IMAP-able mailclient (I use Thunderbird) from inside or outside local LAN. It works to receive today from inside LAN.

    1) Sending mail to other domain (external) using Squirrelmail, gives me a,
    Considered UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you
    Using Thunderbird from my Ubuntu Desktop (within same LAN as mailserver) to send same mail to external domain, works ok. I have set the relayhost = [] in Postfix Why is Squirrelmail doing this?

    2) I have set a portforward (port 80) in my firewall/router. I have two different webservers listening on the same LAN. A webserver for Wordpress blogs and a mailserver like this one, presented here. How can I reach Squirrelmail from a external computer? Do have to use a different port number?

    3) Could I safely open port 143 (?) to let a external Thunderbird client to be able access the IMAP-server within the mailserver?

    4) I would like to let fetchmail to get all mail from my ISPs pop3 account and store it on my virtual user mail accounts at /home/vmail/. Doable?

    5) I would like to convert my old three mbx mailbox accounts (Thunderbird) to my virtual user mail accounts at /home/vmail/. Doable?

    I would appreciate to be pointed in the right direction here.

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    Please check if you or your ISP's mail server is blacklisted:

    Yes, you must use a different port.


    I don't know if fetchmail can put emails into a virtual mailbox. I know it works with system users...

    Yes. There's a tool called mb2md for it. You can search for it on Google.
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    My ISPs mailserver is ok according to the blacklists above.
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    That was it! Now it works... THANKS A LOT!

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