Getting an ISPConfig server to resolve domains for the DNS Newbie!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dpicella, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hi! I'm old hat to Linux on multiple distros, but a bit of a newbie to DNS issues.

    I am just getting started with a new dedicated server with a fresh install of Fedora 10. I am going to manage my domains with ISPConfig 2.

    I've managed to get everything working, but now comes the task of changing my domain registrations to start resolving on the new server.

    My domains are at GoDaddy
    My dedicated server is with a company called Silicone Valley Web Hosting

    1. I added ns1 and ns2 to one of my domains at Godaddy to point to the ip address of my dedicated server and so now I have pointing to my dedicated server pointing to my dedicated server
    2. I then used these name servers above to start configuring my domain names.

    On my ISPConfig setup the DNS entry section has the fully qualified domain ( name in the boxes for ns1 and ns2

    It has been 2 days since I updated the nameservers on one of my domains at GoDaddy and it is not resolving corrrectly.

    Trying to figure out what I did wrong. Or not ?

    I have found multiple articles on the internet on how to use GoDaddy for your domains and then your own server with ISPConfig, but they seem to be old articles that use the old GoDaddy DNS Manager as examples.

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  3. dpicella

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    Yes, I did. There are errors. I also have some new information.

    Here is the intodns link to the domain I would like resolve on my ISPConfig 2 server.

    Since I am a newbie to DNS, it would be great to understand what is happening with Parent, NS, SOA, MX, and WWW


    My webhosting company gave me a link to the nameservers to use:

    I changed the domain '' nameservers yesterday to:

    The fully qualified domain name for my server at SVWH is:

    In my ISPConfig 2 DNS setup on my server, I set NS1 and NS2 to ... I think that is where my problem is. I don't know anything about setting up A records and so forth.

    Again, I know a lot about linux and different distros. I had no trouble getting my Fedora 10 up and running with ISPConfig 2. Just don't know how to configure things from here to get my domain names resolving.

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    The answer to ISP Config for the DNS Newbie using Godaddy domains

    I think this may have the answer. I looked at it a few times before, but I didn't follow all the directions since it is old as Godaddy has completely revised their DNS management software since this article was written.
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    Getting ISP Config 3 to Resolve Websites - Problem Solved

    I didn't understand A and MX DNS entries, but I do now.

    If you are renting a server like me and your hosting company gives you a box at an address something like:

    And your hosting company says the name servers are

    Then you will have to let the hosting company know what IP address (that you purchased from them and that are bound to the ethernet hardware on your box) that you want each your domains to resolve on.

    For example, I simply opened a support ticket giving them a list of domain names and IP address and they added these to the appropriate A and MX records at their nameservers. Now all is well!

    Make sense! ?

    It didn't make sense to me at first because I thought I was supposed to create my own nameserver MX and A records or have them at GoDaddy but that is not the way it works in this scenario.

    Once you are done with that ... then just point the GoDaddy domains to the nameservers of your web hosting service and everything should work.

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