Germanization of code prevents wellness and understanding

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by FractalizeR, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. FractalizeR

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    Variables with german names, german comments are scattered across all ISPConfig code and are mixed with english ones. This prevents understanding code by other non-German developers (this project seem to have enormous total number of devs - 58 according to SF stats).

    I would recommend to clean the code and leave it all english. I respect the native language and nationality of main developer, but I think it would be good for all to have everything inside ISPConfig in English.
  2. till

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    the code of ISPConfig 3 is completely in english. I dont think it is nescessary to change the code of ISPConfig 2 anymore.

    Have a look at the history of ISPConfig, then you would know why its in german. The roots of ISPConfig are the software 42goISP manager, which was a closed source software developed by a german developer team, so there was no need to use english vraiable names.
  3. FractalizeR

    FractalizeR New Member

    I see now. Thank you.
  4. Norman

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    I would prefer ISPConfig 2 also being in english.

    So many times have I tried to debug databases to find german words that I have to translate in babelfish :)

    ISPconfig 2 branch is great for smallfootprint installations which is why continued development would be nice.
    Hopefully ISPConfig 3 will also be good for small footprint installs and surpass ispconfig 2.

    But until then adding more features and helping out with ispconfig 2 would be easier if variables and comments were in english. (no disrespect to the german language, heck Im swedish - but I cant understand it! ;D )

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