General Tutorial about streaming !!!

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    A General Tutorial about streaming!!

    Pros and Cons of the different possibilities
    and specialised Tutorials to help the users to get a fast and working solution.

    I am very new to this topic and a general tutorial would help to point me in the right direction.

    Here are some links which I found so far:


    Streaming with Flash:

    Flash + PHP

    Flash + RED 5

    Flash + ligthttpd

    Flash Client which can stream:


    Streaming with Quicktime:


    Streaming with VLC


    Streaming with WindowsMediaPlayer
    Is there a OSS Linux server or only the Microsoft Stuff ?


    ogg Theora streaming ???
    The Firefox 3.1 implementation of ogg Theora makes this technology very interesting


    Other solution?
    Feel free to add Links
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