GDPR Plugin for ISPConfig

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    Features of the GDPR Plugin:
    • Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by a client
    • Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by the admin for a client
    • Generated order processing (GDPR) contracts are saved directly as PDF files
    • Ability for the client to revoke an existing agreement
    • Upload option for the admin to provide additional contracts / data for a client
    • Support of several companies
    • Individual templates for generating contracts
    • Individual templates for sending email
    • Ability to store contracts and other data on the hard disk or directly in the database
    • Export function for the data stored for a client (PDF or XML)
    • The GDPR Plugin is integrated in ISPConfig and can be accessed via the ISPConfig Admin/Client Login
    • Standard PDF templates for companies
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