Fuppes, Ubuntu and a PS3 ....

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by stevoo, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. stevoo

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    well i have installed everything correctly i believe, downloaded the ffmpeg source, compiled it and installed.

    Also i have installed the deb that is given on the tutorial on this site, as i cannot seem to be able to access the subversion code to build the new one.

    But it seems i am unable to make it work.


    I have tried the .cfg file that it was posted as well as mine but although i can see the server from the PS3, i was able to access the mp3 and make them play once, but it would hover for like half a minute before starting.

    On videos i wasnt that lucky.
    All i ever was getting was a
    Media server eorr:
    A network error has occured

    Any ideas why ?

    also on fuppes page i get this
    Neither LAME nor TwoLame found. Transcoding disabled!

    which i cant seem to find a way to enable it.... and i have lame installed.

    Help me out here !

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