Full system Encryption: A few questions

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    Hi all,

    I went through the HOWTO on full system encryption (located here: http://www.howtoforge.com/encrypting-the-system-manually-upon-installation-ubuntu8.04), except with Jaunty. It went fantastic, yet I have a few questions. :)

    1. What scheme is used to actually encrypt the swap file? Would it be the one initially selected during install (in this case, AES), or something different?
    2. If one were to change the password for a partition using luksAddKey/luksRemoveKey, would that mess up the encryption strength? I was always under the assumption that the password chosen actually influences the math behind the overall encryption.
    3. For some reason, the last step with using a keyfile-one password won't work for me. The parts that say "sdX" -- would I change those to the exact encrypted partitions (say, sda6?), or just sda?

    Awesome how-to, Stephen Jau! And TIA to anyone who can answer these questions!

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