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Discussion in 'General' started by jalapela, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. jalapela

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    i've ispconfig latest.i cant login my system with ftp.when i want to create new ftp user in windows like this.No problem i was create user (client name is "yigit") so new user name creates like this "yigitnew".When i want to connect the site ftp program says to me
    Yanıt: 331 User yigitnew OK. Password required
    Komut: PASS ******
    Yanıt: 530 Login authentication failed

    My password is true,Please help me

    My system is Debian 64 bit
  2. Showa

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    Maybe I can help.

    I also created a FTP-user named Ad at client ad, and tried to login. I also got no authorization. Then trying to log in with clientname and FTP-username in my case: adAd followed by the password I got in.

  3. Toucan

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    The ftp username is always made up by the client name and the ftp name combined:

    no client + newuser =

    clientname + ftpuser =

    If you are still unsure of the full ftp username look at the ftp users list on the control panel
    filezilla is a good ftp program that works well with this set up.

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