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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lifeisboost, May 21, 2010.

  1. lifeisboost

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    Setting up FTP users on my multi server setup i see in the mysql config for pure-ftp that it is limited to the server ID IE AND server_id = '5' of course this will not work if you have a master server with an ID of 1 and then try to ftp into a slave with a server id of 5.
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    So what's the problem, this sounds more like a note/tip :)

    Doesn't ispconfig sync the stuff to the other server?
    Or, .. didn't you missed a setting where you can assign the ftp account to a specific server.

    Haven't tried multiserver yet in ispconfig3, so i don't really know for sure.
  3. lifeisboost

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    I was quick to post that, the problem is if you are using multi server and mirroring a master server, if the master goes down you will never be able to FTP to the slave because it is using the limited to server ID variable. so if the master server has an id of 1, and your slave has an id of 5 the master goes down and the slave takes over. unless you take out the conditional statement or edit the database server ID for the FTP user, you will no longer be able to ftp into the slave.

    it goes along with this thread here


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