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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sjau, Oct 3, 2006.

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    So far I've never set up a ftp server on my own (well, at least not on linux). As I'm now away from M$ I still need to setup a ftp server which does the following:

    1.) I would like to setup a group permission containing a folder to which everybody in the group has read access e.g. /home/ftp/

    2.) Each member will have an exchange folder where they also can upload stuff to e.g. /home/exchange/USER

    3.) Certain groups should have additional folders for download e.g. /home/special/

    4.) I would like to set a global download limit. E.g. all users connected may not download at a rate faster than xxx kbit

    What ftp software can I do that on linux and how to set it up best?

    On windows I used WarFTP Daemon (it could do all the above except for the global download rate).

    Thx for the feedback :)

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  3. sjau

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    Thx, I'll have a look at that :)

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