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    Hey everyone !:) im new to linux and everything called server in general, just a home web devoloper taht needed his own server.

    Since i never used linux before i have used google as my friend :) to figure out all commands and stuff. I have followed your http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-s...n-6.0-with-bind-dovecot-and-nginx-ispconfig-3 guide and now im stuck, i cant access my sever from dreamweaver.

    It can't create the files when i upload them to the server (get a FTP access deined 553 error, cant create file etc.) but when i press "test ftp" and dont fil up any root directory it says that its working until i try to upload files to the server,my guess all along has been to chown the web1 user ( my Uid in ispconf to ftp user) but it already is the owner of that file or that there is something wrong with pureftpd? (saw somewhere that pureftp should have a .conf file, but i dont have any just a file with other conf to mysql and so on) so i cant figure out why i cant get access. Since im using a my lan ip to connect from my comp. to server is that an isssue?

    Dont know much about linux so please if u explain something, wright what i should do so i dont have to google all the commands

    Been stuck with this for 3days and cant figure it out

    Notice something else too, when i try quotacheck -avugm
    i get this output:
    quotacheck: Quota for users in enabled on mountpoint/ so quotacheck might damage the file.
    please turn quotas off or use -f to force checking.

    What does that mean ?
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