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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DTGorm, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Ok, got everything setup here on Fedora Core 5.
    I created a web and user and allowed ftp access.
    Logged into the ftp and it shows several files and a web folder. I go to the web folder and there is an index.html in there
    If i upload anything to the web folder, its not accessable via the web.

    So, for some reason, the web folder with the index.html in there is not the same as the one that is created at /var/www/[domain]

    What did i mess up? I want allow users to upload their websites via ftp.

    Looking at my passwd file...
    why is it not putting the login to /var/www/web1 and /var/www/web3 respectively?

    web1_dfwtimes:x:10001:10001:Daniel Gormley:/var/www/web1/user/web1_dfwtimes:/dev/null
    web3_dfwtimes:x:10002:10003:Daniel Gormley:/var/www/web3/user/web3_dfwtimes:/bin/false
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  2. till

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    You must check the "administrator" checkbox in the user settings.

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