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    I don't know, I haven't tried this...
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    You can have it way easier (without ftplicity):

    export PASSPHRASE=your_password
    FTP_PASSWORD=your_password  duplicity --force --remove-older-than now ftp://[email protected]_IP/
    FTP_PASSWORD=your_password  duplicity --full  /home/ ftp://[email protected]_IP/
    unset PASSPHRASE
    unset FTP_PASSWORD
    exit 0
    The first 'duplicity' line deletes old backups (you can change that as you like). Sadly with the current Etch version of duplicity 'remove-all-but-n-full' does not work and in 'sid' it seems broken.

    The second 'duplicity' line does the actual backup and encrypts it with the given password above.

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