FTP and SFTP using CENTOS 5.0

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mofu_45, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. mofu_45

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    Hello everyone, I have a current problem that we are trying to address. Here is what were looking at. We are currently runing ISP config on a CENTOS 5 box. proftp is installed and configured as following the perfect server walkthrough forums. This is the issue we are having here. Our customers can login to their ftp via SFTP but only with shell access. We do not want the end user to have shell access for the specific reason of them only to be able to see and edit their own files in their own "web" directory. When we restrict the user (or site) in ISP config from shell access, SFTP is inaccessible. FTP at this point will not work what so ever. Firewalls are off. Also when the user connects via FTP, and their credentials are submitted, it states that the password is incorrect. Is there a seperate password for FTP and SFTP or do they use the same credentials? Or could this be an issue with out SSHD configuration? Thanks everyone, and take care!!

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    What's in /etc/shells?
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    Falko, the issue ended up residing in our proftp_ispconfig_conf file. The server address was pointing to loopback. When the server ip address was corrected with its External ip... the issue was corrected. Thanks again for the help!

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