Fstab Fail - Perfect Server Ubuntu 11.10

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  1. lobius

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    Clearly, I made an error on step 16.

    The problem is that I am locked out of my server now.

    Consider the following…

    [email protected]:/etc/courier# vi /etc/fstab
    [email protected]:/etc/courier# mount -o remount /
    [email protected]:/etc/courier# quotacheck -avugm
    -bash: /sbin/quotacheck: Permission denied
    [email protected]:/etc/courier#  ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root
    -bash: /bin/ln: Permission denied
    [email protected]:/etc/courier# ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root
    -bash: /bin/ln: Permission denied
    [email protected]:/etc/courier# vi /etc/fstab
    -bash: /usr/bin/vi: Permission denied
    [email protected]:/etc/courier#
    Root is denied. At first, I thought it was a problem with the quota instructions so I read the comments on the page. I don't think it was the quota command. I think I screwed up the fstab file.

    Is there any way around this or will I have to start from scratch?
  2. lobius

    lobius Member

    It's dead. Must start over. Thanks for looking. Hopefully, the third time's the charm.

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