Fsck saves!!!

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    fsck saved me from re-installing the whole OS today!(Ubuntu jaunty)

    The things I wonder tho, is that;

    1- is there a way to run fsck without answering every question?
    Can it really fix all errors? If so How please?

    2- Is it really a bad idea to run it while the system is "mounted" , fully up and running (Including the GUI)?
    If so how can one bring the OS into the safer mode? (how can you unmount it and still run commands)?!

    Thanks A Lot!
    PS: That reminds me of another question but I guess I make a new thread for it.
    (question about re-installing OS without losing everything? Is it possible?)

    Now if you like to know the details read on..

    well, I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on my workstation and run xdm as GUI
    I was doing something in the terminal when I started to have problems.
    I think I ran the rsync the other day and accidentally copied over some files from an older version of Ub. to my machine.
    I should have used the --dry-run switch with rsync but didnt! :(

    Anyway I was trying to chroot to a directory when I started getting error msgs!
    Then I used pico (nano) to edit/save a file when I got the msg saying Cannot save, Read Only OS!?

    Would not save my file, so I rebooted when I did I got that infamous "Coltrol D" msg!
    (and I hate that msg, cuz I can never log in as root and cannot fix anything) lol except today I got lucky and got in with my password then the fsck worked.
    In fact I am using the same machine right now!

    Any way I hope my Christian friends are not offended by the title lol ;-)
    As Jesus saves good people the fsck saves Linux machines!

    Thank You!

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