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    I have just installed debian with, 2.4.27-3-386 as the original kernel and so i upgraded to a kernel, however /dev/ttyS0 is no longer my mouse and i know i read somewhere there was a new way of doing /dev/ttyS0..ttyS1..and so on, only i cannot seem to find what i read and was hopeing for a little help.
    it's a PC Chips VT133 mobo and with a microsoft serial port mouse, almost all is original except i have an ATI Mach64 GX vid card.

    ok i took out the S and tty0 will let me boot un X but the mouse doesn't work so i am trying different configurations but if you have any ideas to make it quicker i would appreciate it as rebooting a million times just is no fun ;)
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    ok got it

    i managed to compile my serial port support as a module, and neither it or serial_core was loaded. so after much ado heh it was a basic modprobe

    here is exactly what i did
    wrote a little bash script

    modprobe 8250 serial_core

    grep -rl 8250 /etc/
    history | grep modprobe
    cat -- > reprobe
    chmod 755 reprobe


    i will eventually have this run when i boot

    if you know an easier way please feel free to let me know as i am very rusty
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