Fresh install, cannot login admin/admin - error is "Username or Password empty"

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fury, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I am setting up a server at home to prepare for colocating it and potentially harboring a few of my other sites and a friend's sites temporarily while he rebuilds his server. That in mind, I figured something like ISPConfig might help manage the different sites.

    Ubuntu server 13.04 amd64
    Fresh install of ISPConfig 3.x (from ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz)
    nginx 1.2.6
    MariaDB 10.0.3
    PHP 5.5.0

    Using the guide here:

    I installed ISPConfig using the correct MySQL username and password (I can log in via mysql from the console with those credentials), and verified the password is md5('admin') in dbispconfig sys_user.

    I get the login form, but the error returned to me when I try the default login admin/admin is Username or Password empty

    It would appear that the HTML form for the login is not functioning properly - whatever javascript is supposed to translate form elements from dummy_* is not working, or perhaps dummy_login.html is not working. (dummy_login.html appears to be blank when I try to visit it or view source)

    I have tried in Firefox version 22 million and Chrome version 28 gazillion. (I hate version numbers)

    Any ideas?
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    Not for your case specifically, but for all others with this error message "Username or Password empty":

    This can happen if ISPConfig cannot access its database at the moment. The simplest case for that to happen is (and was in my case) that the MySQL server is not running, or not responding. So try restarting it ("service mysql restart" on Ubuntu) and check if you can log in as MySQL root user ("mysql -u root -p" in Ubuntu).
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