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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lucas.robb, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Hello All,

    So I noticed in the manpage that there was the directive known as "auth type system" (forgive syntax) which leads me to believe I can point back to the pool of users built into the ubuntu 12.04 system for authentication. IE, if I have a user named "john" and he is setup in specific ubuntu groups for SAMBA purposes, I would also be able to have freeRADIUS look to the user "john" for authentication of wireless clients (same username, same password, etc.)... if this is the case I need all of your help so that I can have freeRADIUS look to the ubuntu users for any member of the "wifi-access" group (for example) as those who can authenticate against the radius server for wireless access... presently I've got a couple users in the /etc/freeradius/users file, and they authenticate successfully, so I think this is the "next step" I will be working tonight to test my configs against getting ANY users from the ubuntu system to authenticate on the radius server. I appreciate all your help guys, LONG LIVE THE INTERNET COMMUNITY!

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