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  1. Camomille

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    I tought I had successfully installed freeradius & phpmyprepaid until I could make my first tests.*** is not included in Debian's freeradius-mysql package !!

    What's the best way to install a "complete" freeradius under Debian?
    I am using a Sarge 3.1 .

    Thank you for your help and comments.


    *** It took about one week before UPS delivered my Buffalo AP.Germany to Belgium is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong trip !!!!
  2. falko

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  3. Camomille

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    Sorry for my late reply Falko.

    I didn't find the file there.
    As I have an other machine running Suse 10.2 ( sorry ), I decided to install freeradius server there. I wanted to keep phpMyprepaid 0.4 on my Debian server but I cannot write from my debian machine into MySql db on the Suse box. Freeradius (Suse) cannot read data from my Debian's Mysql db. Only localhost works in Freeradius or phpMyprepaid config files. Maybe an IP is not the correct way of indicating an other MySql db. Should I use something like sql.192.168....???
    phpMyprepaid 0.4 works like a charm on Debian but generates errors under Suse ;)
    I'd really like to get freeradius working under Debian but none of the tutorials I found worked for me ;).

    Thanks again for your past and future help.

  4. falko

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    Did you enable networking for the MySQL server, and is port 3306 open on the MySQL system? Did you use the correct login?
  5. Camomille

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    Hi Falko,

    I certainly made a stupid error when first trying. It seems to work OK now when running phpMyprepaid on my Debian machine using MySql db from Suse machine.
    Sorry for the post :mad: :mad:
    Have a nice weekend

  6. ghalban

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    still need any help ?

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