freeradius and mysql

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rahulgroverus, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. rahulgroverus

    rahulgroverus New Member

    My freeradius gives access accept on a user defined in its users file but does not authenticate from mysql databse as pe your tutorial on this site...

    configured radiusd.conf as advidsed

    linux-ubuntu newbie

    please advise
  2. awan

    awan New Member

    log or it didn´t happen !

    Attach the debug mode output plz.

  3. rahulgroverus

    rahulgroverus New Member

    daloradius with mssql

    it worked now ..thanx for your concern....I forgot to install few add-ons to php pear suite....actually I am a linux newbie.....Can you help me now with user manual of daloradius gui...its self explainatory...but still...listening to the developer makes a sense and use it more properly...I could not find user manual anywhere....


    Rahul Grover
  4. awan

    awan New Member

    daloradius manual !

    I am not a developer of daloradius. u'll have to contact liran tal for that. Hes the chief/main developer of daloradius.

    I just tried to document it according to my needs. Anyway it would be nice if you could fill in the blanks where the documentation has been left wanting & possibly share it.

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