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Discussion in 'General' started by skoena, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Normally you would do this by adding as aliasdomain to the website But as you most likely dont run the server you wont be able to do it that way. If wordpress allows you to use custom domain names, then point the dns cname or A-Record to their servers.
  3. skoena

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    Not clear yet.
    What CNAME or A-record should I use?

    It should show this url in the address
    It should show the content of:

  4. falko

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    Code: CNAME
    But in the vhost configuration, there must also be a
    line (if the server is running Apache).
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    Tnx for your message.
    I don't have access to the server.

    I created an Iframe, but this is not the most nice solution.
    Isn't there another solution for it? I see it many times that it forwards the site but doens't update the url in the address bar?

  6. till

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    This requires that you add a alias directive to the target website as falko explained.
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    OK clear.
    I will keep it as iframe than.

    Any tips for use with iframe?

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