Forward and mailbox copy in postfix + mysql

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  1. txetxuvel

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    I have used the howto and it is really good but I have a question:

    In table users I have a mailbox:

    email: [email protected]
    password: XJDkfd98D3
    quota: 52428800

    and in table forwardings I have a record like this:

    source: [email protected]
    destination: [email protected]

    The mail forward is working fine but postfix don't make a local copy in my mailbox. ┬┐How could I do this?

    Thanks, txetxu.
  2. txetxuvel

    txetxuvel New Member

    Solution really easy


    It was really easy: the forwarding must include the source email:

    source: [email protected]
    destination: [email protected],[email protected]

    this run ok because postfix is not recursive.

  3. volksman

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    I tried this on my latest 8.04 build and the message gets delivered to the local account (IE keep a copy) but the actual forward gets hung up in postfix queue saying it can't resolve the domain. I tried sending a message direct to the "forward" account from the server and it works fine. Seems to only choke when:

    source: [email protected]
    destination: [email protected],[email protected]

    is defined...

    Any thoughts?

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