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Discussion in 'General' started by Lars, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Lars

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    Background: Earlier this week I filled the /var/log drive on my server. Services didn't like this and crashed. I freed space, restarted services and everything seemed to be ok.

    Problem: Since the crashes, adding new vhosts doesn't work. A client has added a new vhost (name doesn't matter, we tried several) in the control panel. (Sites-> Subdomain for website) Fields are appropriately filled out and the user clicks save. After some time, the .vhost file for the client is checked by me to see if this new subdomain appears. It does not. The user goes to modify an existing subdomain and saves changes. Again, after some time, I check the .vhost file for the changes and the changes do not appear.

    I don't see errors in any log files are failures, thus I am at a loss of what to attempt.

    Question: How can I either force vhost files to be recreated or how can I further troubleshoot this to fix the root problem of "why did my vhost files stop getting created after my services were all restarted"?
  2. till

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    See Tols > Resync in ispconfig.

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