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    I'm using FC5 (32bit) with ISPConfig 2.2.6

    all scripts websites were working 100% until last Friday when a customer report a problem with a mail sending script. This customer does not upload files - we do & nothing had been done to their website in months.

    I've tried another instance of the script on another website (my own) & got this error message - which is the same as the error message on the customers website.

    Warning: fopen( [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/www/web2/web/ScriptLibrary/incSmartMailer.php on line 141
    Error sending e-mail

    PHP.INI has not changed - Fopen is ON - the SMTP settings are correct (for sending mail).

    I don't think this is related but...

    I found hundreds of this -> [error] an unknown filter was not added: PHP <- in my httpd error_log & I've applied the fix you suggested (which appears to have worked). Odd because I thought this was previously changed - maybe when I updated from 2.2.5. to 2.2.6 the config file was replaced?

    Any suggestions please.



    As a 'last resort' I thought I'd try a server reboot - and now it appears to be working.

    Not the best solution - I would like to try to find the reason it stoped - so any ideas would be welcome.

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    Yes, the config file is replaced when you update ISPConfig. We might have to tweak the installer that it considers your changes...

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