FLAC (albumwrap) to several via CUE - how?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jsabarese, Jul 13, 2010.

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    i have a single .FLAC audio file, and an accompanying .CUE sheet.

    having researched several audio encoders / players, etc. lately, I remember seeing some mention of an app which might take such a /single/ .FLAC resource (that is, a complete music album in a single digital audio file), and-- using a provided .CUE sheet-- automate the process of creating the separate /tracks/ as they actually appeared on the original media.

    For example, a CDDA media might contain tracks 01 - 08. The media may be extracted as individual .WAV files, or as a single .WAV, CDDA, or other format-- all depending upon the software used to perform such an extraction, and the options desired by the user.

    My .FLAC media contains all /eight/ of these titles in a single file. Rather that use an application (such as SoundForge, Audacity, whatever...) to manually extract the separate tracks (i.e. 01 - 08, such that a total of 8 files result)

    I wish to convert this single file into the several, separate "tracks", as would appear on the original media. I prefer the resulting media to be lossless, as FLAC, but mp3 is fine as well. I'm most interested in the AUTOMATION of this task.

  2. sjau

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    If you're on linux you can do something like this:

    shntool split file.flac -f file.cue -t '%n - %t' -o -o 'flac flac --best - -o %f'  
    You'll just have to have shntool and flac installed

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