Fixing a Raid 5 Volume or Retrieving Data

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    I posted something similar in a different Linux Forum category here, but think that this is a better fit. Also, since the original post, I have opted to take a different approach any way, so hopefully this will be easier for someone to help me do?

    I built The Perfect Server Fedora 14 (64 bit) using Falko's tutorial and ISPConfig The system is Raid 5 with 6 x 80 GB Sata Drives. One failed. I know precisely the failed disk. I have all carefully marked according to serial number and which specific sata cable and port, so left to right is 0 to 5.

    Originally the 5 remaining disks were still in the Raid volume, but no longer bootable. When I followed the recovery process using the original disk, it recognized that the boot device needed repairing. I went through the steps, was given a successful indication from the server and was told to reboot. When I did, the Raid volume went offline, now stating 5 disks as "Member Offline".

    Again, I would love to put the Raid volume back online and add a new disk 6 which I have several of. If this is not the easiest thing in the world, I would rather do this if it is easier:

    Since the box contained all websites (about 50), I would like to retrieve the file manager zip file backup for each site and strip the server down. I had ISPConfig set to backup the file manager of ALL sites every 24 hours. For myself and clients. I have another box I can put them on and all of the databases were cleaned and backed-up daily, so I already have all the sql files. I know that ISPConfig was writing the backups correctly because I checked them daily with the error logs.

    So, if this is possible, again, I just assume recover the zipped files and put a Debian based Linux version on the box. Either way is fine. I just need to get these sites back live.

    Thanks again for all!

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